Reconstructed Tropical / Northern Hemisphere Teleconnection------NEW As of:
June 4th, 2016

Creator: Alan Marinaro

This is a proxy reconstruction of the TNH using the Climate Prediction Center's definition of the TNH:

The TNH is commonly measured by an index that is the difference between 500mb geopotential height anomalies over western portions of the North Pacific Ocean  (150W to 130W and 35N to 55N) and around Hudson Bay (100W to 80W and 45N to 65N). The index is called the Tropical / Northern Hemisphere Teleconnection (TNH). This is simply a reconstruction using spatial proxies that best represent the TNH teleconnection related EOF within Mo and Livezey (1986).

Monthly Ascii Data 1948-Current(Standardized, 1981-2010 Climatology) is here @ newtnh.txt